Woven Fabric / Label / Laces

Woven Fabric / Label / Laces has traditionally been an accessory for the main garment and are the creators of brand value of the garment. Thus it constitutes an important role in Garment manufacturing and is used by both the Garment Exporters as well Domestic Garment manufacturers. GOPALA, has a state of art imported Plant for manufacturing Labels. The Jacquard Looms are imported from Switzerland with supporting CAD studio and pattern creating & weave software supplied by the Plant Manufacturer itself. The Company has further machines for value added functions like Cut & Fold, Filled Label machine, Ultrasonic Laser cutting machine which help the Company to cater to the add on requirement of Garment manufacturers. We can match 1800 different shades of yarn.


  • woven from 100% polyester filaments
  • Slitted edges on looms
  • Ultrasonic edges – off loom cutting
  • Taffeta and Satin labels
  • Width ranging from 10 mm to 200 mm
  • Upto 12 different weft colours incl. ground colour.
  • Stiff /soft finished labels


  • Continuous tape in Roll Form.
  • Cut Seal.
  • Cut Fold in End fold, Centerfold and Mitre fold.
  • Filled / Stuffed labels
  • Die-cut / Laser cut labels
  • Ready-to –stick labels (backside double adhesive tape)


Yarn Consumption Capacity : 90,000 KG Per annum