Director’s Message

Dear Fellow Shareowners,

A warm hello! We are optimistic about the future prospects of Gopala Polyplast Ltd. This past year we moved back to growth, increased the bottom line and finished the year stronger than we started it. Our manufacturing team and distribution network continues to strengthen, and our HDPE/PP Woven Sacks and Synthetic Woven Fabric segment continues to deliver stellar performance in a competitive market.We are prepared to face future challenges and continue to grow the company and deliver value to our customers, employees and shareholders.

At present, the company’s woven sacks division (HDPE Division) is supplying mainly to Cement Industry. During last four years, the company has developed its capabilities for Sugar Industry and Food grain Industry.We are among the few companies that have successfully completed all government orders for food grain supply. After being well established in these industries, the company plans on expanding its existing block of plant and machinery. Without increasing too much capacity in this expansion project, the company is moving to higher levels of automation in bag making. This will substantially decrease our dependency on labour and increase our product quality. Through its diversification and modernization programme, the company is trying to enter a niche market with premium, higher margin products along with its existing product line. One of the product identify is BOPP laminated bags.

“BOPP laminated bags” are widely used today in retail packaging of 5-25 kg packs of rice, chakkiatta, maida, besan, sugar, seed, fertilizers, cement putty and other premium products. Retail sector is exploding and the BOPP bag market is rapidly growing because of the importance of branding and need of aesthetically appealing packaging. The company would like to exploit this opportunity in this time of growth.

Woven Fabrics has traditionally been an accessory for the main garment and are the creators of brand value of the garment. Thus it constitutes an important role in garment manufacturing and is used by both the garment exporters as well domestic garment manufacturers. We are one of the approved suppliers of woven Fabrics to renowned garment exporters and international department stores.

During the coming year, we look forward to sharing with you our new milestones and accomplishments as we lead the company through its next stage of growth. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire management team, we would like to thank our customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and shareholders for their continued support.


Manoj Somani
Managing Director